Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

January´s LALOAM

Hello lovelies 

I want to present you the Lolita At Least Once A Month of January! Did you notice that I didn't post any LALOAM in December? I'm very sorry for that but it was a busy month and I had no time for a proper outfit.

This weekend I stayed with my dad and his girlfriend and it was the first time I wore Lolita around them. They both liked it...I think xD

I wanted the whole outfit to be more casual. So I chose to wear a T-shirt under the JSK instead of a blouse. The shoes are also more toned down. 

In the afternoon we went bowling and it was the first time that I was outside in Lolita without people staring at me. I actually enjoyed to wear my frills without getting asked question and get photographed all the time. xD 

I'm sorry that I have no detail shoots or a close up of my face but as it is a casual outfit there isn't much to show anyway ~

See you soon again,