Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge- 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

Hello lovelies 

Today I present you the second topic of the challenge. I choosed "5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style".
Let´s start!

A poofy petticoat.
This is the basic item of every Lolita outfit. Many Lolitas do have more than one. You can choose a super poofy one or a flatter one. That totally depends on your taste. However, I recommend to never do an outfit without any petticoat.

A main piece.
This can be a skirt, jumperskirt or an one piece dress. Which you choose depends on your taste again. But without any of it, you can't build up a Lolita wardrobe.

Something for your head.
There is a varity of stuff you can add to your head. Bows, headbands, bonnets...
An outfit with no head accessory always looks kinda incomplete to me. Even if you wear Casual Lolita a small headband shouldn't miss :)

Matching shoes.
Because without shoes you can't go outside ;)

I don't like the optic of bare legs with Lolita. So legwear, like socks or tights, is vital. Even in summer I at least were some ankle socks with my coords.

So these are the five things I think a Lolita wardrobe should have.
I hope you like the challenge so far and stay tuned for the next topic next week!

See you soon,

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