Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Bodyline order review

Hello cuties 

My order arrived today. I ordered two JSKs. I want to write a little review about their quality and my opinion on them.

The first one I ordered is the "L501" on bls website.  It seems to be one of their newer dresses. I loved it from the first time I saw it 

The color and the print are so beautiful and the material is comfy and light.

I really like the style if the collar. The bow is not detachable. However the dress comes with an additional bow that you can attach where you want :3

The lace is fine compared to what I paid and I love the polka dot hem. 
Altogether I would give this dress 5/5 stars. It absolutely is one of my favorite dresses of all time. I hope I can wear it soon!

The second JSK I bought is "L313"

 The dress is in their store since a long time now and to be honest I always thought it is ugly XD But now that I had a closer look on it again I really love the print. It´s so detailed.

It looks so delicious ^^ What surprised me about this dress is that the waist ties are detachable. This isn´t the case with most bodyline dresses I own. I´m not a fan of waist ties so it is a plus for me.

 The upper part of the dress is beautifully decorated with lots of bows and lace. I noticed that I have three bodyline dresses with this rose lace. They seem to use it quite often. 

The only not so positive part about this dress is that it has quite wrinkled. Will I dare to iron it? We will see. 

I would give this JSK 4.5/5 stars as it is a super beautiful dress but the wrinkles are annoying. 

To conclude, I´m super happy with my order even though I had to pay customs once again ~
Did you place any orders lately? Tell me in the comments :3

See you next time,


  1. Das erste Kleidchen ist wirklich schön<3 Wenns nicht so rosa wäre, würde ichs auch anziehn xD
    Ich wollte mir mal das zweite in mint bestellen^^

    1. Hehe, das ist eh schon blasrosa. Das kannst durchgehen lassen xD
      OMG wie geil wenn dus in mint hättest, dann könnten wir twinnen <3

  2. L501 is gorgeous in that colourway :D

  3. Hi there! Would you please tell me if the dress u bought L501, is according to bodyline measures or it's smaller/bigger...
    Thank u! :D

  4. Hello Hello :)
    I was wanting to know if that is a medium in the L313. I am wanting to order one but I am a small and I see it has a tie in the back.