Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Shabby chic inspiration

Hello lovelies 

I always had a certain love for furniture with a vintage feeling to it but only some days ago I found out that there is a name for this style of furniture. Shabby Chic.

The style of Shabby Chic originated in the 1980. It combines flee market finds with self-made stuff. Very common are elements that look like used before. Everything is kept in pale, light colours and roses are seen as decoration very often.

I want to share my favourite Shabby Chic pictures that I found all over the Internet with you. 

Ah, I could continue sharing such pics for ages but I better stop now. 
I just love how the whole flair of this furniture is elegant and cute at the same time. Looking at this pics makes my heart go a little faster! I hope I can live in a Shabby Chic room/house/flat/whatever some day ~

Do you like Shabby Chic?
See you soon,


  1. Wie kann man das nicht lieben? Es ist so wunderschön! *.* *schwärm*
    Was gäb ich für ein ganzes Haus in dem Stil...