Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge - Purses that I love

Hello cuties 

This weeks topic is about purses. I'm actually a bit confused about this topic as I do not really see the connection to Lolita. Am I supposed to rate different kinds of purses? Or shall I also say something about Lolita bags?
I think I will just do a mixture of both. I hope you like it ^^

I personally love smaller purses that can be carried in small bags.
I currently always use this one:

It´s so lovely.

I also like the vintage feeling of purses like this:

Many Lolita brands release purses that fit their collections. Of course they are a bit pricey but unique.

I love cute Lolita bags that are shaped like hearts or animals. They normally come in a great variety of colours.
My favourite style of bags is this one:

I want to own this bag in all colours of the rainbow one day *-*
The problem with these typical Lolita bags is that they do provide very small space.

Sometimes, if I need a bigger bag I just use my Korilakkuma one. I bought it at a Convention last year.

Sometimes you will also see Lolitas using tote-bags like this one:

I love to match my bags with my outfits and I hope I can stock on bags in the future.
What is your favourite style of bags or purses? Tell me in the comments! 

See you next week,

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