Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

'Private' closet post

Hello dolls 

In January the monthly theme of the egl community is always about closet posts. The whole month you will find all kind of Lolitas showing what is in their wardrobe. This year I wanted to join but when I saw how many closet posts are on egl I thought people maybe get tired of it already. So I decided to do the post here instead ;)

Please excuse if some of the pictures are blurry. It's quite some work to take pics of all your items ~

Main pieces

AP- French Cafe

Bodyline- Strawberry Gingham

White Moon (I forgot the full name :/)

Bodyline- No Name

Bodyline- StrawBerry ShortCake

Bodyline- Sweet Party Time

My one and only skirt:
This was my very first Lolita item. It's a replica by a taobao brand called Rose Melody. 
I don't think skirts suit me that's why I don't have more ^^


I definitely want to stock on blouses in the future. 


Bows: offbrand, Taobao, bodyline

selfmade, In the Snowfield, offbrand

offbrand, Taobao
Bags are the second thing I need more of in the future ;)

Lockshop, GLW, offbrand (on bodyline wig is missing because I lend it to a friend)

bodyline, offbrand and

boots from bodyline, rest Taobao

I left out my cardigans, jewellery and my coat because the post is already so long.
I'm happy how my wardrobe developed in the last 1 1/2 years.

Did anybody of you also make a closet post?
Fell free to set a link in the comments :)

See you again, 


  1. Your wardrobe is very nice!
    I espacially like the main pieces!**

    1. Thank you! I'm prod of every piece I own <3